How to reach
To reach the resort, you need to move from Ulaanbaatar in the direction of Darkhan (towards to the Russian border), then several kilometers before reaching Darkhan,
turn to the left (to the west) to Erdenet (at the turn there are 2 gas stations, checkpoint and signpost).). The total distance from Ulaanbaatar till Erdenet is about 400 km, Darkhan is approximately in the middle, the road is good asphalt. If you go from the Russian border (the Kyakhta-Altan-Bulag transition), then you need to pass Darkhan and then turn right (to the west) towards Erdenet. The total distance from Kyakhta till Erdenet is about the same - 400 km.

You can arrive by train to Erdenet too. In Moskow – Ulan-Bator train there is a separate coach, through car Moskow - Erdenet. We shall meet you at station Erdenet and supply you to base by our carrier.

In Erdenet you can stay and relax in one of the many hotels. Then, from Erdenet, go 53 km to Bulgan (center of Bulgan aimag), where on the T-shaped intersection turn right to the road, which leads to the Murun and to the lake Khuvsgul Nuur. The distance from Bulgan to the pass which called Tuluugeen davaa is 45 km (index "45 / 296 km"), everywhere from Erdenet to the pass Tuluugeen davaa has an excellent road (highway). You can see lake Urumiin Tsagaan Nuur from the pass Tuluugeen davaa with the naked eyes in about 20 km from it, to the south. After the pass, where there is a snack bar with national cuisine (you can call up therefrom), you need to drive another 4 km along the road to the sign "49 / 292 km" next to the road sign "Overtaking prohibited." Approximately 150 m after the mark of "49 / 292 km" you need to turn left (is our billboard with detailed map) onto the dirt road and then move along it to the south, focusing on the left (eastern) edge of the lake and a small hill behind it. After 3 km it will be necessary to cross a small shallow stream, which often dries up in the summer. On the way to the lake, the road crosses approximately at right angle 2 high-voltage power lines. Before the lake there goes a smooth turn to the left and then to the right and will descend to shallow ford which goes across the stream Urumiin Gol, flowing from Lake Urumiin Tsagaan Nuur. Immediately after the ford it is necessary to turn at right angles to the right and then go to the left up on a small pass.

On the descent from the hill on the bank of the Aguuteen river you will see a small wooden house with a green roof. If the owner Munkhjargal will be at home, he will tell you the way to the resort. Further from the hills it is necessary to go down along the dirt road, leaving the house on the left, cross the stream, 50 meters after the ford over the stream turn right at right angles to the left and after 500 m gradually leaving to the right, then again follow the road south to the Orkhon river. Sometimes on the left side of the road below will be seen the stream Urumiin Gol. On the right, about 1 km - low mountains overgrown with wood. The road crosses several deep ravines (in one of them stream) and at the end on a dry course (a difficult stretch of road about 2 km) descends to Orkhon, from where on the left side in 2 km you will clearly see the red roofs of camp houses. Total distance from highway Erdenet - Bulgan – Muren – Hubsugul to tourist camp "Urumiin Gol" is about 35 km.

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