Urumiin gol
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If you think that Mongolia is the only the dry steppes and the Gobi desert, then you are very mistaken. A significant part of the country, its northwest is low mountains (up to 2,500 m above sea level) which covered with forest and hilly forest-steppe with numerous rivers and streams. Exactly in a such place where the Urumiin Gol stream with fresh water falls into the Orkhon River, almost on the border of Orkhon and Sayhan Somon of Bulgan aimak in the beautiful valley of the river Orkhon is situated the tourist camp "Urumiin Gol". At this point the river Orkhon paves its way through two mountain ranges fancifully wriggling.
About our camp
Our main profile is ecotourism - which will take place оn the pristine nature of the mountain-wooded part of Mongolia: hiking, mountain tours, horse riding, fishing, incl. winter fishing, visiting caves, in winter - ice falls. In summer time - rafting on the Orkhon river - consists of 2 routes, complexity category is I - IV. For this, there are two 6-seater rubber inflatable raft-type boats with all necessary equipment and guid. For lovers of scuba diving, it is possible to dive in Orkhon river, arrange "Meeting with the fish Taimen" during the period of cold clear water (September-October).

You can drive at any time of the year on a jeep to resort from Ulaanbaatar or Erdenet. In summer this can be done on almost any motor transport, including minibuses.

Resort welcomes guests in any season. All residential houses, kitchen and bath are from the logs, and lined with real wood (thin pine boards) with additional internal thermal insulation. There are four two-storied apartment houses with size 4 x 4 meters which has closed glazed veranda 4 x1.5 m, second floor - is bedroom. In each house can simultaneously be placed up to 6-8 people. Heating - brick firewood stoves. Lighting is electric from solar panels (12V DC and 220V AC). Mobile communication - G-mobile (450 MHz).

There is a kitchen and a Russian baths - dry steam, a stove-heater. For lovers of Mongolian exotics, there is one large (6 lattice walls) guest ger (yurta) with traditional Mongolian furniture and a stove. There is a heated concrete garage for 2 cars and guarded parking place.

Meals for tourists in a wide range by prior arrangement; In the kitchen there is a large brick stove with an oven. Dishes of traditional Mongolian cuisine prepared by order, there is a place for cooking shish kebab /shashlik/ and barbecue. Approximately in 500 meters from the resort there are 2 caves (now half-buried), once they were inhabited by monks who miraculously survived after the repressions of the 1930s. Near the cave there are 3 springs, where they took water. The water in the springs is very clean, cold and has healing properties. In order not to leave any traces, the monks never went out by the stream to Orkhon gol and further to the open space. Local residents descended food from above on the rope through a narrow vertical hole in the rock. On the rock next to the caves, the monks left many Inscriptions with a Tibetan letter. Guides will show you ancient petroglyphs on some large stones. Approximately in 50 km from the resort there are even several low long extinct volcanoes.

Our entertainment

On the territory and around of Urumiin gol camp, there are many kinds of entertainment
Sport activities
You can to ride by original mongolian horses with experienced gides and walk around base too.
On Urumiin gol (summer) and Orkhon gol (autumn, winter) rivers, you can enjoy fishing in surrounding of nature all year round. We will provide you with the necessary supplies and gides.
You can to put out to the Orkhon gol river on six-seated rafts with our guides. We offer a 1-day's water hike and 3-day's water hike. The finish of 1-day's water hike is on our base. You will pass weirs I-IV degrees of complexity or bypass them on a safe route if you deem it unsafe .
In camp you can visit Russian sauna, relax and clean you body and sole by crystal-clear water.

Our ecotourist base

We want to help to you begin closer to the nature of this fine country, to experience its energy.
We can not brag of smart apartments and very much by high level of comfort, but in our houses to you will be always quiet and is cosy. Here to you will be always cool per the most hot day and warmly in any frost. The fans of local exotic can conduct time or even to spend the night in separate jurt, which one we install specially for the visitors in a warm season.
Planing of visit and your interests
Write us in which days you want to arrive and plan your stay at the "Urumiin gol" tourist base and what entertaments are interest for you.
Contact us
Andrey Buzunov
(+976) 99351611
+7 964 401 63 78
facebook: Andrey Aff
e-mail: afdoc@mail.ru

Enkhjargal Dashzeveg
(+976) 99363625

Selenge Monkhbat (mongol)
(+976) 99355433
facebook: Selenge Seke

Mongolia. Bulgan aymag, Orkhon som, Tsagan Nug,
Ecotourist camp "Urumiin gol".

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